EVEA - paremad

võimalused ettevõtjale

EVEA - Estonian Association of SME's

EVEA is a non-governmental, non-profit association of SME's and self-employed performing a representative, advocacy and lobbying function for small and medium-sized businesses as a social group.

The main goal of EVEA is to create a favourable entrepreneurial environment in Estonia as the basis for economic growth and social stability. 

To achieve this goal EVEA:

-is continuously monitoring the development and problems of the SME sector in Estonia;

-is maintaining a dialogue with the Government regarding the development of legislation, state support instruments for SMEs, participation of SMEs in the EU- and other international programmes;

-is actively participating in the tri-partite negotiations with the trade unions and the Government;

-is taking joint actions together with the other employers' and professional associations;

-is promoting by all available means a positive public attitude to self-employment, small business and entrepreneurship in general;

-is providing its members with information, counselling and training, as well as opportunities for networking both locally and internationally.


Serving as an interface between the Estonian SME community from one side and the policy decision-makers, international organizations and various social partners from the other side, EVEA provides information about situation in the SME sector, its problems, economic legislation, business opportunities and business-related infrastructure in Estonia.


Though many enterprise- and professional associations include SMEs, EVEA is the only organization that represents exclusively SMEs and actively speaks on their behalf.

EVEA membership is open to any Estonian SME and self-employed irrespective of their field of activity. Most of the members are businesses with less than 50 employees. 


EVEA is developing and maintaining a broad network of international contacts, which are the source of valuable international experience in the field. EVEA is a member of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) and an associated member of UEAPME - a pan-European umbrella organization of SME associations.